Principal’s Message

For in wisdom there is a spirit that is intelligent, holy

The Wisdom Of Solomon, 7:22

Dear parents, students and well-wishers,

The aim of education is to make students realise their full potential and contribute in the development of society. Education helps students acquire knowledge and instil discipline to live a humane life with empathy for fellow beings. As the Book of Wisdom says “…in wisdom there is a spirit that is unpolluted, invulnerable, humane…”

Sophia means ‘Wisdom’. We help students to imbibe human values apart from focusing on studies. We must strive to make this world a better place through education.

At Sophia School, we promote an integrated approach to develop a student’s personality through academics and extracurricular activities. The school conducts various programmes, both at an individual level and in groups, for students to discover their talents and aptitude for future endeavours.

A plant needs air, water and soil to grow. Likewise, a child needs to grow in wisdom with help from the school, teachers and parents.


Sister Arpita , MSA
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